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参加日: 2019年3月2日


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Earlier, when I took the US Job Aptitude Test, I was diagnosed as "US Air Force Pilot Human Resources". At first I thought, "Why?", But among them I am not suitable for pilots, but I am convinced that the hiring staff is suitable. I am good at sharply discerning a person's behavior and mind without calmly overlooking it. Everyone, beware of me ...

早些时候,当我参加美国工作能力测验时,我被诊断为“美国空军飞行员人力资源”。 起初我以为“为什么?”,但是其中我不适合飞行员,但我确信招聘人员是合适的。 我擅长清晰地识别一个人的行为和思想,而不会从容地忽视它。 大家,请对我小心...

Michael 水野

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