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Our Events


  • May 21, 2024, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    千代田区, 日本、〒101-0052 東京都千代田区神田小川町3丁目5−2 たちばなやビル 2階
  • Jun 25, 2024, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM
    如水会館, 日本、〒100-0014 東京都千代田区永田町2丁目1−2

■Public Symposium

We holds a symposium on an irregular basis (three times a year). As a rule, members are free (except for food and beverage), and non-members are open to the public for a fee. We have given lectures by prominent people whose theme is international and political trends, focusing on timely topics, and charity lectures for the purpose of giving donations to poor areas in Asia. We notify by email to members and call for participation widely by SNS. To apply for participation, please fill in the above “Our Event" on web site.

■Conference for Finance

    The Conference for Finance was established in 1988 as a study group dealing with financial problems, led by administrative reform promotion ministries and companies. There are 29 regular members (as of March 10, 2018), and those who have experience as under-ministerial secretary-general, BOJ board members, and top listed companies are holding study sessions by experts (members are not private) ).

    The theme is financial and economic, and the surrounding area such as international affairs and political trends. As members of our association may be allowed to participate as observers, please apply to the secretariat.

■Meet up around the Asia Pacific

    In order to deepen the knowledge of Asia Pacific countries, we hold exchange meetings on the first Thursday (irregular) of each month with the theme of one country. It is a meeting where we invite natives and have a friendly fellowship while drinking tea.
    To apply for participation, please fill in the above “Our Event" on web site (participation fee: 300 yen).


<Meet up in the past >

1st:  Laos

2nd: Vietnam

3rd:  Philippines

4th:  Nepal

5th:  Myanmar

Past implementation events

  • ​2018 Event

  • ​2017 Event

  • ​2016 Event

  • Pre-2016 event

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