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​Board Members

Chairman Takashi Anzai 

Born in Fukushima, January 1941. graduated from School of Law, Tohoku University, and joined the Bank of Japan in 1963. Resided in Hong Kong, Niigata branch manager, then assigned as Senior Examiner,  Vice-Chief of General Administration Office, Director-General for Computer-Data Information Dept., Business Management Dept., Sutudy and Research Dept. ,  Settlement System Dept., and in 1994, became Executive Director for Asia. In 1998,  took a role of President of Long Term Credit Bak of Japan (presently Shinsei Bank Ltd.) , in 2001 Representative Director of IY Bank (presently Seven Bank Ltd.), Representative Director and Chairman of Seven Bank Ltd. , in 2018 Chairman, Toyo University Incorporated Education Inst.

Administrative Director Michio Mizuno

Born in Chiba on 22 December 1958, graduated from School of Humanities and Social Sciences (also studied at Beijing Language Academy and Peking Universtiy), in 1985 joined Yasuda Trust and Banking Co., Ltd. (presently Mizuho Trust Bank Ltd.), positioned at  Asia Section of Overseas Management Dept., and stationed at Beijing Representative Office. in 1998, joined Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd., and worked as Researcher at Sonpo Japan Research Institute, in 2015 became Director of Hanazawa Gakuen in 2019 became Director of Asia Ethno-Forms Association. Published "Business Chinese"/JTB Publishing, "Chinese Conversation Handbook, Pocket style"/ Nitoh Shoin, "New Kazusanokuni 33 Kannon Jyunrei"/Chiba Nipposha

Administrative Officer Koichi Ishikawa

Born in 1949, graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, worked at the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and the International Trade and Investment Institute (ITI) in April 2005, and became a professor at Asia University, Institute of Asian Studies and from April 2019, special researcher at Asia University, Institute of Asian Studies. Special fields are ASEAN economic integration and Asian economic integration. Authored many books, including "Foundation of the ASEAN Economic Community and Japan" (co-authored, Bunshindo, 2016) and "Development and Economic Integration in Asia" (co-authored, 2015, Nippon Hyoronsha).

Administrative Officer Genichiro Shimura

Born in Yamanashi on August 1950, graduated from Senshu University, Faculty of Economics. In 1980, joined Zenkoku bunkyo kyougika. Became secretary of Zenkoku kyouiku konwakai in 1995. In 1998, Daiichi Aino Gakuin auditor. In 1999, advisor of Suginami gakuin. In 2000, advisor of Sato International Cultural Scholarship Foundation. 2001, director of medical corporation Ryoshinkai. 2004, became auditor of Tohoku bunka gakuen and Yuai gakuen. 2009, director of International Friendship Association. 2003-2016 Vietnam-Japan student exchange, study abroad fair in Vietnam, Japan-Vietnam Youth Exchange Program “Composition Contest”, Japan-Vietnam Youth Exchange “Vietnam Soccer Exchange Tournament” etc. In 2021, Senior Adviser of Kake Educational Institution, Senior Adviser of Seifumeiikusha.

Administrative Officer Takanori Higurashi

August, 1949, burn in Chiba, born in Chiba, graduated from Faculity of Chinese, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, and joined Jiji Press Ltd. (stationed as journalist/reporter at Beijing and Hong Kong) in 1973. As freelance since 2003, along with writing articles and clitiques, giving lectures on issues of Modern China, International Relations and Chinese language at Tokyo University of Foregin Studies, Waseda university and Chiba University of Commerce. Known as  Journalist for Affairs of Asian, and published "Ambition of China aiming to acquire Okinawa"/Shoudensha Shinsho

Administrative Officer Fumitaka Furuya

Representative Director, Fumitaka Corporate., Ltd.

Administrative Officer Etsuo Yamamoto

Born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1934. Graduated from Faculty of Law, Kyushu University. Graduated from the University of Florida, Faculty of Economics. Established the world's folk arts, handicrafts and hand textile import company in 1970. International Seia adviser. Doctoral dissertation judge in art history, Banaras Hindu University, India. President of International Garuda Society. Chairman of Asia Ethno-Forms Association. Member of the Oxus Society. Literary coterie magazine "Yonin (Four people)" coterie. His main books are “Garuda no tabi” Japan Bali Association, “Indo ni ikou (Let's go to India)” Fusosha.

Administrative Officer Ryuji Yokota

Born in July 1952, from Nagasaki Prefecture. Graduated from Seinan Gakuin University Faculty of Law in 1975 and joined Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance (currently Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.). 1980 Study abroad at Beijing Language and Culture University, 1981 Chief Representative of Beijing Office, 1989 Bangkok Representative, 1992 International Department Asia Pacific Section Manager, 1995 Corporate Sales Department Fourth Section Manager, 1997 Chief Representative of Shanghai Office, 2002 Automobile Sales Manager, Development Department 3, seconded to Kawamura Electric Inc. in 2004, transferred in 2006. General Manager of China Business Promotion Office, Auditor of 5 Chinese Business Companies, Advisor of Corporate Communication Department in 2021. Vice President of NPO China International Student Exchange Support Risshikai.

Administrative Officer Atsushi Wakamatsu

Born in Osaka in 1954. Graduated from Osaka University Law School and completed the Graduate School of Area Studies at the University of Tsukuba (78-79, studied at the University of Washington, Missouri). In 1980, joined Sankei Shimbun (politics department, Manila office, Singapore branch manager, etc.). Joined Chunichi Shimbun (Tokyo Shimbun) in 1998 (Director of the Foreign Affairs Department, Asia Director, head of the Manila Branch and Maebashi Branch). In 2016, became a part-time teacher at Kinoshita School CANAAN International Education Academy. Supporting the Takayama Ukon Holy Movement of the Takayama Ukon Honoring Foundation (in the Philippines), personal scholarship activities for Filipino students. His main books are “Ronbun no kakikata manual (Thesis Writing Manual)”, Yuhikaku, “Sengo America gaikou no kiseki (Postwar American Diplomacy Trajectory)”, Keiso Shobo, and co-authored paper “Kodoyoushiki toshiteno ASEAN (ASEAN as a Behavioral Style)” Bulletin of Tsukuba Junior College, Tokyo Kasei Gakuin.

Auditor Secretary Sakae Kadota

Born in Kochi in1949. Graduated Hitotsubashi university, faculty of commerce and management  in 1973.
Entered Mitsui & Co., Ltd., petroleum department. (optional retirement in 2002). In 1976, studied abroad at University of Tehran (company dispatch), IJPC president's secretary. In 1978, headquarters chemical department, '85 Chinese training in Taipei, '86 Beijing, '89 Osaka, '92 director of Hong Kong and Shenzhen office, '93 Shenzhen solely owned subsidiary/managing director, '96 headquarters/assistant manager of foreign department (Overseas investment support of chemical industry, Dalian four countries joint venture/Special adviser, Hong Kong MBK China Strategic/ Director), '02 chemical trading company/Manager in China, '09 Shenzhen processing on consignment・factory manager, '10~'14 JETRO Shanghai senior adviser(full timer)

【Subcontracting・Part-time・NPO etc.】

After 2014, JETRO headquarters/Overseas support specialist, Private university of welfare/Chinese market adviser, Professor of Kamakura citizen university, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN (SME Support, JAPAN)/Advisor for internationalization and overseas development (4 terms), Financial Planner(AFP No.39492707), '19 Representative of Soemei Health Economy Research

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