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 Through viewing the world by the “East” and “West”, the era of glory and prosperity of “East” seems to repeat with an interval of 800 years. The 21st century appears as an exact turning point, when the “East” is assessed to be replacing the “West”, for another glorious period dominating the world. Its indication recently became more visible, upon “Lehman-Shock”, Greek financial turmoil and EU being overwhelmed by Muslims. The countries of “West” are observed entering into an ever uncertain future. 

 On the contrary, the “East”, experiencing several up-and-downs, has gone through peaceful phases with newly emerging countries. According to the report of ADB (Asia Development Bank) in 2011, “Asia 2050 – The Era of Asia, coming true?”, the proportion of Asia in the global GDP is expected over 52 %, i.e. a doubling figure from that of current level. This would lead the “East” to restore its dominating economic position, which is found same as in the era of pre-Industry Revolution, 300 years ago.


 Besides making any remark, if the era of “East” would have actually come or not, it is rather questionable how we shall foresee our future and shall be acting on them. Making any judgment will increasingly become more difficult in ever-changing economic and political surroundings. Having observed such situation, we in 2010, established an organization, “Japan, China, ASEAN, Institute of Economy and Culture” with knowledgeable individuals in each expertise, aiming to mutually communicate and support. 


 In 2016, through succeeding this entity, we re-created a new organization, “Society for Asia Pacific Affairs”, as incorporated general association. It is our objectives as NPO, to exchange high level of experienced persons and to support international business, through extensive areas over the region of Asia and Pan Pacific. Also, this organization is standing as fair and neutral from any values, while all members of organization shall be actively working and pursuing any possible collaboration through necessary alliance with existing groups and bodies.


 In concluding my greeting note, let me emphasize that it is our commitment to follow the track, as immaterial heritage paved by our predecessors having created the present Japan, and to search any suitable guidelines to our future. At the commencement of this new organization, here is my sincere word of request, for kindly providing us of all your support as possible.

 April 2016

   Kiyoshi MIZUNO

      Honorary Chairman, Society for Asia Pacific Affairs

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