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​Lawyer and legal consultant
  Koji Takahashi   

Researcher / Member of SAPA

Rikkyo University Institute for Asian Studies Specially Appointed Researcher / Legal Expert (Chinese Legal Counselor)

Born in 1984, from Tokyo. Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Nihon Bunka University, and completed the Graduate School of Hosei University (Master of Accountancy, MBA).

Completed the graduate school of the Open University of Japan after working at the Labor and Social Security Attorney Office in Tokyo (Master of Arts [Academic] Research Area: Chinese Law). Completed the doctoral course at the Criminal Judicial Academy of China Political Law University (Doctor of Law). After working in Taiwan, he continues to the present .He also writes and lectures on Chinese law.

Administrative scrivener qualified person, specified company labor and social security attorney qualified person, legal counselor (China's national qualification "legal counselor".

[Research area]

Comparative law, Chinese law, Taiwanese law

[Major books] 

"Chinese Labor Law for Businessmen" (Labor Survey Committee, 2015)

"Japanese Studies (20th)" (Co-authored by Peking University, Center for Japanese Studies, China, World Knowledge Publishing Co., Ltd., 2018),

"China Yearbook 2018" (co-authored by China Research Institute, Akashi Shoten, 2018), etc.

"Koji Takahashi's Chinese Law Class" is being serialized in "Breaking News (Chinese Version)" (Jiji Press)

  Naoyoshi Hara

​ Member of SAPA

2006  March Completed Doctor of Law, Chuo University Law School
December 2007 Registered as a lawyer (new 60th term) Belongs to the Daini Tokyo Bar Association
December 2007 Joined Tokyo Flex Law Office
2017  April Joined Yamashita / Watanabe Law Office as a partner lawyer

[Specialized field]
General corporate legal affairs, business revitalization / business succession / M & A, business strategy legal affairs

[Project results]
Correspondence to a third-party committee of listed company officers (2019)
Various risk analysis and practical measures associated with the closure of local department stores (2017, 2018)
Support for building a handling system for outside employees (corresponding to camouflage contracts) (2018)
Support for overseas transfer of listed subsidiary Thai factory (2017)
Creation of various IT contracts for building a video distribution system (2017)
Creation and translation of various English contracts related to cross-border transactions (2013, 2017)
Construction of capital increase scheme through third-party allotment, construction of DES shares (2014)
Advice on the sale of a Chinese subsidiary (2014)
Survey on Chinese Health System and Laws and Regulations for Entry into China (2014)
Dispatch for manufacturing in China, survey on the current status and trends of contracts (2012), etc.

  Tian Yan  

Member of SAPA

TAHOTA LAW FIRM / Senior Lawyer

He has 6 years of work experience as a lawyer and lives in Tokyo. We specialize in long-term focus on corporate establishment, investment and financing, M & A, commercial due diligence research, asset acquisition, marketing, and brand protection for Chinese and Japanese companies. Familiar with Japanese companies, financial and tax related laws, Japanese culture, etc.

[Specialized field]

Trading, corporate legal affairs, coordination negotiations between Japan and China

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