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April 14, 2022

常盤 伸 (日本国際フォーラム上席研究員、東京新聞元モスクワ支局長)

15th Symposium on "Ukraine invasion and Putin's logic" by Shin TOKIWA, Senior Researcher, Japan International Forum, Former Moscow Director Tokyo Shimbun

Dec 8, 2021


Group Study about Financial Issues & 14th Symposium on "Japanese Diplomacy" by Kentaro Sonoura, Chairman of Finance Committee and Member of the House of Representatives

Jun 29, 2021

第13回 シンポジウム 「南太平洋と中国 ~ソロモン諸島との外交関係樹立~」
遠山 茂 前駐ソロモン諸島大使、元青島総領事

13th Symposium "South Pacific and China -Establishing diplomatic relations with the Solomon Islands-"
Mr. Shigeru Toyama, Former Ambassador of Solomon Islands, Former Consul General of Qingdao

Apr 5, 2021

第12回 田口芳弘 一般社団法人NAP 代表理事「ミャンマー情勢について」

13th Symposium Yoshihiro Taguchi, Representative Director of NAP  "About the situation in Myanmar"

Sep 15, 2020

金融問題勉強会「日本の外交について」薗浦健太郎 自民党総裁外交特別補佐・衆議院議員

Conference for Finance "Diplomacy of Japan" Kentaro Sonoura, Special Adviser for Foreign Affairs to President of the Liberal Democratic Party, the House of Representative