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Business alliance with 6 countries and 1 area providing advisory with no profit

Jun 26, 2020

第11回公開シンポジウム 中山恭子 希望の党顧問 「文化のプラットホームとしての日本」

11th Public Symposium Kyoko Nakayama, Adviser of Party of Hope "Japan as a cultural platform"

May 07, 2020

追悼 故 岡本行夫 外交評論家 元内閣総理大臣補佐官 「緊迫する国際情勢と日本の対応」

About the sad news of the passing of Yukio Okamoto, Diplomatic critic, former Adviser to the Prime Minister “Tightening International Situation and Japan's Response”

Accepted the mission of GRANDJOY, a major commercial developer in China, and interacted with Odakyu Department Store (Shinjuku)

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