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Human network access to abroad

Business alliance with 6 countries and 1 area providing advisory with no profit

June 6, 2023

深沢淳一 読売新聞執行役員
「破綻国家に陥るのか ミャンマー危機の行方」

Mr. Junichi Fukasawa, Yomiuri Shimbun Executive Officer
"Will it fall into a failed state? The direction of the Myanmar crisis"

Feb 21, 2023

堂下 哲郎  日本生命保険相互会社顧問
「強大化する中国と日本の安全保障 ー中国とどう向き合うか」 コピー

Mr. Tetsuro Doshita  Advisor of Nippon Life Insurance Company
"Growth of China and Japan's Security - How to deal with China?"

Nov. 22, 2022

薗浦健太郎 衆議院議員・自由民主党副幹事長

Mr. Kentaro Sonoura Member of the House of Representatives, Deputy Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party 
"Japan's Diplomacy"

Sep 5, 2022

故 古川 貞二郎 元内閣官房副長官
「令和の時代に期待すること ―皇位継承問題など―」

Late Teijiro Furukawa Former Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
"Expection of Reiwa Era -Imperial succession issues, etc.-"

Jun 29, 2022


16th Symposium on "Information warfare against Russia that the military and civilians challenge with all their might" by Dr. Chiaki Akimoto, RUSI Special Representat

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