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​ Public Symposium "What did Japan do in 2018?" Taichi Sakaiya

On June 29, after the first general meeting of employees, Professor Taichi Sakaiya gave a lecture on "What did Japan do in the 30 years of Heisei?" From 15:00. From the Showa era to the Heisei era, 10 items have been taken up as to what has changed, and 5 things have been achieved by postwar bureaucrats. It is said that 77 years after the Meiji Restoration will be the first Japan, 71 years after the war will be the second Japan, and 2025 will be the third Japan. Following the instructions of Professor Sakaiya, I would like to create a corporate culture and nationality that allows everyone to enjoy playing and working, just to "create a fun Japan" ( minutes for members, resume ).

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