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11th Public Symposium Kyoko Nakayama Adviser of Party of Hope

"Japan as a cultural platform"

    On June 27, after the 4th General Meeting, Ms. Kyoko Nakayama (Adviser of the Party of Hope) gave a lecture on "Japan as a cultural platform" from 15:30. She spoke about the importance of holding a high-level international cultural exchange festival in Japan in order to secure a solid position in the international community, such as building a foundation for diplomacy, education, and peace. .. Many festivals and arts were held at the venue in Venice beginning in the 18th century, and she showed the direction that Japan should be as a country of open culture. (The resumes distributed at the venue will be posted on the member's page. The minutes will be posted later)

Photo 2020-07-01 10 25 14-min.jpg
Photo 2020-07-01 10 24 21-min.jpg
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