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10th Public Symposium Furukawa Teijiro Former Deputy Secretary General Cabinet

"What to look for in the era of Reiwa -the issue of the imperial inheritance-"

    June 29: After the Third General Meeting,  Mr. Teijiro Furukawa (Former Deputy Secretary of the Cabinet) -Gave a talk on " Mr. Furukawa has been the longest-running Deputy Secretary-General of the Cabinet, over a long period of 8 years and 7 months, including the Murayama Cabinet, Hashimoto Cabinet, Obuchi Cabinet, Mori Cabinet, and Koizumi Cabinet. Those who were at the center of the governor at that time were very realistic, and We could hear interesting back stories. In addition, we asked the female emperor about the throne inheritance to show the ideal way, though the national debate was necessary. (Resumes and bios distributed at the venue will be posted on the member's lecture notes page. The minutes will be posted later)

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