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13th Symposium
"South Pacific and China -Establishing diplomatic relations with the Solomon Islands-"
Mr. Shigeru Toyama, Former Ambassador of Solomon Islands, Former Consul General of Qingdao

   On June 29, after the 5th General Meeting of SAPA, we held the symposium about "South Pacific and China"  from 15:00 by Professor Shigeru Toyama (former Ambassador to the Solomon Islands). Prior to this, Representative Kentaro Sonoura gave a speech at the beginning and talked the story behind vaccine diplomacy.
   In the lecture "South Pacific and China", Solomon's history, politics, and economic circumstances were introduced, and it was shown that the South Pacific has long been of geopolitical importance. He also covered the traditional background and relations with the United States, such as diplomatic relations with China and Taiwan and switching of diplomatic relations in this region. He argued that Japan must develop peaceful diplomacy in order not to repeat the tragedy of Guadalcanal Island, which was the fierce battlefield of the Pacific War. (The resume used at the symposium will be posted in the minutes of the member page)

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