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TERAQOL® Introduction of Teracoal patented technology

Atomic Activation Resonance Sustaining Technology Makes Everything a High Brand! [B'z Profile SAPA member since 2023]

What is TERAQOL? It is a technology of resonant waves that draws out new potential of matter, and is a technology that transforms matter according to its purpose by programming it into a quantum field.

Let's start with the magic oil first!

Where does this difference come from?

The smallest unit of matter currently known, "elementary particles", is activated by a special resonance wave, and the electrons of the matter are activated and sustained. More info in this file:

Download PDF • 2.50MB

What can you do with TERAQOL®?

It can be applied in fields such as beauty, health, life, food, and industry.

Beauty Wave

Health Field Health Wave

Life Wave

Food Wave

Industrial Wave

About 15% to 20% improvement in fuel consumption reduction rate for boiler equipment

Industrial Equipment By installing e-WAVE INDUSTRY in boiler equipment, the rate of decrease and rise in boiler temperature changes, and the number of times of burning decreases. This will improve driving efficiency, reduce fuel consumption by approximately 15% to 20%, and reduce CO2 emissions.

Company Profile

Name: Aqua Design Inc.

Established: July 1997

Representative Representative Director Yosuke Takahashi

Address: 9-11-1 Tokiwa, Urawa-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture 330-0061

Contact So Kadota (SAPA Auditor) for a factory tour



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