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Recruiting candidates for the head of the Japanese R&D team (sensor technology)

[Number of recruits] 2 people

[Occupation] Technician/R&D

[Job Description]

  • Commercialization of sensors and application devices, and design and development of peripheral systems

  • Those who have experience in design and development on site, and those who have sufficient skills as engineers in design and development

[Age] no age limit (Retired people over 60 are welcome)

[Necessary experience, knowledge, skills, etc.]

  • Non-contact sensor (non-dispersive infrared NDIR method) MEMS sensor

  • Technological experience such as pressure sensor, Co2 sensor, etc., or person in charge of research and development team

[Wage allowance] 500 thousand yen ~ 1.5 million yen

[Special Notes]

Those who can travel to China and Thailand, or those who can stay for a long period of time for technical guidance.

[Company recruiting]

The parent company is based in Shanghai, China, and is a listed company in China.




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