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Business management in Chinese (consolidated financial statements) Recruitment

[Business description]

  1. Financial reporting services to the Chinese parent company (general financial reporting services based on Chinese accounting standards)

  2. Group's consolidated financial statements (consolidated financial statements, disclosure, accounting audit support, etc.)

  3. Business and interpreter support associated with the above

[Application requirements]

Mandatory requirements

  • Native Japanese speakers: HSK, Chinese test, TECC, C.TEST, BCT, licensed guide, and experience using Chinese in business

  • Those who speak Chinese as their mother tongue: Have a Japanese Language Proficiency Test qualification (N2 or higher), etc.

  • Possess one of bookkeeping test level 2 or higher, business accounting test, FASS test, PASS qualification, etc.

Optional requirements

  • Accounting work experience of a Japanese subsidiary of a Chinese company

  • Accounting work experience in China

  • English (TOEIC 600 points level)

  • Work experience of Chinese-Japanese two-way interpreter

  • Experience with accounting systems (SAP, STRAVIS)

[Recruitment conditions]

* Items to be stated in Article 5-3 of the Employment Security Act and Article 4-2 of the Employment Security Act Enforcement Regulations

  • Work contents that workers engage in (above)

  • Labor contract period: Recruitment of full-time employees after a trial period of 3 months

  • Work place 1-18 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

  • Start and end times 8: 40-17: 30

  • There is work that exceeds the prescribed working hours

  • Break time and holidays

  • Annual holidays: 124 days

  • Complete weekly two days (Saturday and Sunday)

  • Summer / year-end and New Year holidays, annual paid holidays, refreshment holidays, etc.

  • Lunch break: 1 hour

  • Wage calculation / determination method, deadline and payment date

  • 4.5 million yen to 9.7 million yen (approximate) Determined according to experience and ability

  • Salary form: Monthly salary system

  • Salary revision cycle: Once a year

  • Payroll period: 21st to 20th of the previous month (Attendance calculation period: 16th to 15th of the previous month)

  • Salary payment date: 25th of every month (if the day is Saturday, Sunday, or a public holiday, the business day before that)

  • The month of joining the company is prorated (the monthly salary system is used for 3 months after joining the company)

  • Various insurance, pension

  • Health insurance, employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance, welfare pension available


  • Various allowances: Commuting allowance, housing allowance, overtime allowance, family allowance, retirement allowance system, dormitory company housing, business trip allowance, professional qualification allowance, education subsidy, etc.

  • Welfare, etc .: Mutual Aid Association, Single Dormitory, Various Loan Systems, Property Accumulation Savings, Shareholding Association, Contract Recreation Center

  • Others: A relatively free corporate culture. For human resources who are motivated to take on challenges, we will support them as an organization to maximize their abilities. In addition, it has a strong connection with overseas and is an international workplace.

0044OT2110 (Please ask us details separately)



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