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Donation ceremonies of our Scholarships in the Primary School of Omkoi, Thailand

From December 11th to 12th, Kenzo Mihara (JTASH representative), a member of this association, visited Baan Kung Mate Unnoi Elementary School in Omkoi Village and gave a donation and charity bazaar sales transfer ceremony (250,000 yen). Equivalent) was done. As a way to use donations, we will provide scholarships to students who have done well every term (two semesters a year) (excellent study, children who have helped well, etc.).

This donation, etc. (250,000 yen) was fully converted into Thai baht 60,750 THB and transferred to Bangkok Bank, which opened an account. Midori Ichige, CEO of Green Life Support Co., Ltd., a partner of the association, manages the account and pays the scholarship to the students through the principal of the school each time they receive a scholarship. In the future, the school will report photos of the students who received the rewards. Please look forward to it.

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