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 Teijiro Furukawa Former Deputy Secretary General Cabinet

"Expection of Reiwa Era -Imperial succession issues, etc.-"

 On 5th September Mr. Teijiro Furukawa, who served as Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary for 8 years and 7 months from the Murayama Cabinet to the Koizumi Cabinet, passed away. Our Society (S'APA) invited him and organized the public symposium "Expectation of Reiwa Era" (held on 29th June 2019, co-sponsored by S'APA and Asia Ethno-Forms Association).

 During his tenure as Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Furukawa was conscious of the following two points, stating that "Judgments is possible if there is some hints to identify". One point is "to make decisions by standing straight on a flat surface and abandon egoism". Another one is "Coordination is not about adding up and dividing by two but creating new value out of conflict", because the Prime Minister's Office is a place for comprehensive judgment and coordination.

 At the end of the lecture, Mr. Furukawa talked about the things that he always kept in his mind work as a leader. First one is "to have insight, compound eyes of short-term and medium to long-term prospectively", the second is "to think with a question about anything", the third is "you should do your best for someone other than yourself" and the fourth is "never lose the spirit of challenges".

 Once again when I read the transcript of the lecture, I found that Mr. Furukawa's leadership philosophy points out the important guidelines relevant to the current Cabinet also. (See the minute on the member page. Total 8 pages minute)

 According to his own wish, the funeral will be held as a family funeral.

  • Teijiro Furukawa

 Born in Saga Prefecture in 1934. Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Kyushu University. In 1960, he entered the Ministry of Health and Welfare (at that time). Served as vice-minister and deputy chief cabinet secretary (8 years and 7 months from the Murayama Cabinet to the Koizumi Cabinet). Former Chairman of the Imperial Gift Foundation Mother and Child Aiikukai, Ise Jingu Counselor, Ise Jingu Respect Association representative. 87 years old.

Main publications: "My Resume", "Requiem - Haru's Life", "Kasumigaseki Half Era - Supporting Five Prime Ministers"

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