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1st Overseas Legal
Support Seminar

Cases of labor disputes that Japanese companies have lost in China

     On October 16, the first seminar was held by Researcher Koji Takahashi at our SAPA office.

     First, the theory that Chinese law is a “confirmed policy” was introduced, and an important thesis was presented in Chinese law. The case of this subject is the final judgment by the People's Court on June 7, 2018, "A dispute between Japanese company A and former worker B ", and A confirms that it is not illegal to fire B. It is a trial that filed a complaint. However, the judgment did not accept Company A's allegations, and Company A had to pay 270,000 RMB as compensation for the illegal termination of the labor contract.

     How should Japanese companies learn from this decision? Researcher Takahashi stated that “the suit was filed in the first place is an error”, and in the event of a trial, a method should be adopted to make the company win a case for China and for the party.

(Japanese resume on that day will be posted on the minutes page, VTR will be posted later)

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