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Glaux Investment Pte. Ltd (Singapore)

Glaux Investment is a boutique investment company that provides services related to self-investment, business development and PE investment in Asian start-up companies including Japan.

We introduce projects and make joint investments to institutional investors, family offices, and wealthy individuals who are investing in PE mainly for start-up companies and some distressed projects.

Each member is an experienced professional with over 20 years of investment, business evaluation and business support career in Asia at investment banks, venture capital and more. Utilizing that experience, we provide the following self-investment businesses and services.

Investment and business support for start-up companies (Angel-Early Stage)

  • Launching a consortium with people with promising seed technology

  • Market research, business investment value evaluation (including Due Diligence)

  • Introduction of joint investment projects to investors

  • M & A project introduction / intermediation

  • Cross-border business alliance partner introduction

The company is a business model that not only introduces projects, but also takes risks together with partner investors, and each experienced member deeply commits to the business, turning that risk into a large return. Has been established.

In May 2017, the association entered into a full-scale business alliance with Glaux Investment to support business collaboration between Singapore and Japan and access to Southeast Asia for member companies.


【Company Profile】

Date of establishment: March 2013

Location: 30 Cecil Street, # 19-08 Prudential Tower,  Singapore 049712

Representative: Kazuhiro Ono (Mr.  Kazuhiro Ono,  CEO Director)

Headquarters: Singapore

Business: Support for company establishment, M & A brokerage, asset management advice

URL (Japanese page):


Phone: +65 9970 2452



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