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Collabo release No.001

Meisho Canaan Academy established in Kameido, Tokyo
Strengthening preparatory colleges for well-known universities for international students!

    The Canaan International Education Academy (Canaan, Takui Kinoshita, president), which has a long history at a Japanese language school, and the Meisho Gakuin (Meisho, Minami Ena representative), which mainly develops in the Kansai area, established “Meisho Canaan Academy” and started as a school for international students in Tokyo. Each representative are our members of SAPA, and Canaan, who wants to expand the preparatory school, and Meisho, who wants to make a full-scale entry into Tokyo, matched through SAPA, and was launched as a new business .
   Since opening in 2003, Canaan (capacity 400) has been accepting international students every year from China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar and other countries. Currently, it has produced more than 2,000 graduates, and all of them have a track record of going to national universities and graduate schools such as the Tokyo University, Hitotsubashi University and Kyoto University, and private universities and graduate schools such as Waseda and Keio.
    Meisho was established in 2015 as a member of Kansai International Student Support Co., Ltd. and opened in Osaka. Currently, there are four branch schools in Osaka, Tokyo, and Wuhan, China. The school has grown to become the strongest school for international students in the Kansai region with a wide range of teachers in a short period of time. As of 2018, the pass rate to the national public university is 49.8%, and the pass rate to the famous art university is also keeping the Kansai No.1.
    In recent years, Japanese schools have been established one after another as the number of foreign students increases in Japan, and for-profit schools have become a problem. However, Canaan has only excellent Japanese teachers and maintains a high level of Japanese language learning. In addition, Meisho has been steadily accumulating know-how to advance to the university, such as students who have advanced to super-superior universities become new lecturers. “Meisho Canaan Academy” established by a collaboration of SAPA members, so please support them. Thank you.


School name: Meisho Canaan Academy
Corporate name: Meisho Kinoshigakuin K.K.
Representative: Ena Minami
Address: Tokyo, Koto-ku, Oshima 3-23-8 Kinoshita Building
(Inside Canaan International Education Academy)

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