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​18th Symposium
​ Mr. Tetsuro Doshita, Advisor of Nippon Life Insurance Company
"Growth of China and Japan's Security - How to deal with China?"

 On Feb. 21st, we held a symposium titled "Growth of China and Japan's Security - How to deal with China?" by Mr. Tetsuro Doshita (Advisor of Nippon Life Insurance Company) at 15:00 in Gakushi Kaikan Conference Room no. 302.

 In the symposium Mr. Tetsuro explained about “change in military balance between the United States & China, what should China has to learn from Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and Japan which has changed its security strategy, should deal with China in the future.

 In addition, he also shared his experience working on a Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer at sea, being seconded to the Cabinet Crisis Management Office, and working at the U.S. Central Command. Through his lecture the hardness of the members who are responsible for the front line of marine defense for Japan can be imaginable (the resume used at the symposium is posted in the minutes of the member page).


Graduated from the National Defense Academy in 1982. He served at sea as captain of the escort ship Haruyuki, commander of the 8th Escort Division, chief of staff of the Escort Fleet Headquarters, and commander of the 3rd Escort Group. He was seconded to the Cabinet Crisis Management Office, Senior Liaison Officer of the U.S. Central Command Headquarters, Inspector General of the Defense Inspection Headquarters, Chief of Staff of the Self-Defense Fleet Headquarters, Maizuru Regional Inspector General, and Yokosuka Regional Inspector General before retiring in 2016 (admiral). He has a master's degree in public policy from Georgetown University.

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