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15th Symposium
Shin Tokiwa, Senior Researcher, Japan International Forum, Former Moscow Shimbun Director
"Ukraine invasion and Putin's" logic ""

     On April 14, the 15th public symposium was held by Mr. Shin Tokiwa (former director of the Moscow bureau of the Tokyo Shimbun) at the First Members' Office Building of the House of Representatives (the theme is "Invasion of Ukraine and the Logic of Putin").
In the lecture, the situation in Ukraine for "Victory Day" (5.9) and the situation on the Eastern Front will be taken up, and the perspective of Russia's invasion and Putin's thinking will be examined. Mr. Tokiwa insisted on strengthening the dictatorship system with the highest accuracy from the three scenarios that will be developed in the future, and predicting that it will become a "fortress nation." (The resume used at the symposium is posted in the minutes of the member page)

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