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Seminar "Development of market through China(Shanghai)Pilot Free Trade Zone"

 On January 17, at the office circle N Gotanda from 14: 00 "The Shanghai Free Trade Zone seminar" was held with the next progress.

  1. Opening Address 
    S'APA administrative director, Michio Mizuno
    Lecture "Social Infrastructure in China"

  2. Former Shanghai Branch Chairman and editorial writer, Sankei Shimbun Masumi Kawasaki
    Seminar "Business situation in Shanghai"

  3. Wanlai maoyi (Shanghai) youxianggongsi General Manager, Yukio Kubo
    Seminar "About the structure and product exhibition of Shanghai Free Trade Zone"

  4. Wanlai maoyi (Shanghai) youxianggongsi Chairman, Lai Fangru
    Closing Address

  5. Shanghai Venture Investment Support Association Director, Shinya Nishimura

 When talking about social infrastructure in China, frequently leap frogs are cited. The experts of the venue also shared their perceptions as the current Chinese economy leapfrogs. The visiting chairman of Wanlai maoyi visited Japan from Shanghai carefully explained selling items in China. Inquiries about exhibition items actively came out from participants (34 people) on the day. Next, at the social gathering, we exchanged opinions on the planning of the Shanghai tour to visit the free trade zone as the second step.

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