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Accepted the mission of GRANDJOY, a major commercial developer in China, and interacted with Odakyu Department Store (Shinjuku)

    On December 11, the mission of GRANDJOY*, a major commercial developer in China, came to Japan with the acceptance of our SAPA. And we introduced the executives of the Odakyu Department Store (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) to GRANDJOY, and had a meeting at the Shinjuku Store. After introducing each other, they discussed the differences in store management during Japan-China, and they exchanged their opinions on improving customer service.  Also, with regard to the handling of surveillance cameras installed in stores, Japan was interested in crime prevention, while China was also interested in data collection using the face authentication function.

    GRANDJOY has commercial facilities in 10 cities in China as well as houses and hotels, making it a corporate group with total assets exceeding 170 billion yuan (about 2.7 trillion yen).


* GRANDJOY Holding Group Co., Ltd. Subsidiary GRANDJOY Real Estate Co., Ltd. listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (securities code: 00177.HK)

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