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​The 1st. General Meeting

From 14:30 on June 29th at TKP Garden City Ochanomizu, the Representative Director, Mr. Michio MIZUNO called the 1st. General Meeting of "Society for Asia and Pacific Affairs(SAPA)" in accordance with the clause 13 & 14 of Articles of Incorporation.


Upon confirming the eligibility of this General Meeting by attendance of 39 (individual and corporate) members and one proxiy to the Chairman, out of 40 voting rights, Mr. Naoaki ISHII among ordinary members was elected as Chairman, according to the clause 16 of Articles of Incorporation.


Under Mr. Ishii's procceeding of meeting with reporting documents presented, all draft resolutions of Directors' meeting were approved at the General Meeting. It is truly thankful to all support given by members.

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