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Academic tie-up with SoRa Myanmar Japanese Language Center

The association formed a full business partnership with SoRa Myanmar Japanese Language Center, which operates a Japanese language school in Yangon, the commercial capital of Myanmar. At SoRa, young Myanmar people who want to learn Japanese gather from all over the country, and they listened enthusiastically to the lecturer's classes. We visited the school in December 2016 and became a Japanese language teacher for a day and had a good time with the students. We will contact with students who want to go to Japan someday, and we will support them to realize their dreams.

【Name of School】

 SoRa Myanmar Japanese Language Center


 Htay Htay


 No. 88, Room No.4 (B), 4th floor, West Zabu Thiri 3rd. Street,
 Tharkayta Township, Yangon Myanmar




​ (Contact Name:Zar Zar Soe)

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